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BritishetteI am very excited to leave the modern world and go on the Inca Trail. This feels like a spiritual retreat. I am thinking peace, quiet, silence, breathtaking views. I imagine meaningful and endless conversations with Chris and romantic moments under the stars. We will meet amazing people on the trail that we will be friends with for the rest of our lives (I mean you, Mindy Kaling, I know you love hiking).

Also, I am going to be offline for four days. Now this is the real challenge: not the steep mountains, not the promising rainy forecast, not the lack of basic amenities. NO INTERNET for the duration of the hike on the Inca Trail (now that I think of it, Internet is a basic amenity). We depart Monday morning EARLY and will return Thursday night LATE. Now, let me ask you this: when were you last offline for four straight days? No phone calls, no Internet?

Not in this century I bet.

This is both exciting and strange. I’ve been thinking that I have become way too addicted to Instagram for my own good and it is affecting many things. My sleep is one of them: this FOMO thing has gotten out of control. Now I have more of a FOMS: Fear Of Missing Sleep. Each second I am awake in the night (this happens a lot with two children under 6), I have to fight the urge to check my phone. The problem with checking my phone is that it wakes up my brain in all kinds of ways and then it is really hard to fall asleep again. I would like to mention at this point that I find this completely unfair since, I really do not need any functioning brain to check Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

So the four-days internet detox is something I am really looking forward too. Looking at cool Inca ruins will be a welcome distraction. I can’t wait to report to you about my life as an adventurer-badass hiker so please do not forget about me. Anyway if you do I will post postcard-ready pics as a revenge.

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2 comments for “Screen Break

  1. February 29, 2016 at 9:23 pm

    Loved finding your brilliant blog via Emily, did you cope?! I had a whole week off over Christmas and it was the digi detox I craved. Bet your trip was wonderful.

    • Britishette
      February 29, 2016 at 9:58 pm

      It really was wonderful, thank you Vicki! I got quite detached from the digital and might have liked it a bit too much. Slowing down now and taking time to figure a good balance :-). PS: I love your Honest Mum blog

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