Preparing for Machu Picchu


You probably agree with me that there really is only one pressing question:


I have been hiking before so I have a solid backpack and serious hiking shoes. The basics are sorted.

I found myself trying one of those pants I always make fun of: you know those detachable pants at the knee: the (already ugly) pants turn into (equally ugly) shorts. We’ll see if that proved a good idea.

I also had to get sandals. Not cute thin leather sandals. I am talking big bear Teva-like sandals. Not my most glamorous moment. I would go with flip-flops but I wonder how that will work when I want to go to the bathroom late in the night in the mountains. So big bear sandals it is.

I also got a bunch of warm hiking socks. That should be okay because I love the schoolgirl-style knee high socks, and so I can relate.
What else?

Leggings will definitely be the coolest way to hike. Let’s see how the leggings vs ugly hiking pants battle goes.

I am packing a separate suitcase that will stay at the hotel for before and after the hike with normal looking clothes such as fitted jeans and tops (just to let people know that in my normal life I dress, well, normally).


I love to read. But I am not going to start to read historical books about the discovery of Machu Picchu by Hiram Bingham because, well it sounds boring. I want to read something fun and entertaining that will still teach me a thing or two about the Inca civilization. After a little research, I found one that seems to work just fine: Turn Right at Machu Picchu, by Mark Adams. The author is a travel writer that tells about his journey on the Inca Trail. He includes a lot of information about the original discovery of the Machu Picchu and a lot about the Inca civilization. It is just what I need.
I am packing loads of magazines, but those are more for the plane. I will stick to books on the hike. I don’t really know how much time we have to hang out and read. And I might want to spend that time, you know, SLEEPING!

Social Media

Instagram comes in really handy when about to depart. I just used some hashtags like #machupicchu and #incatrail and I got a good idea of how things look, how people dress on the hike, what they see, etc… Okay, I mostly looked at what the girls are wearing, because I really want to make sure I have the right gear. I hereby confirm that leggings are the coolest way to go. I also noticed a bunch of people with Peruvian hats and bagpacks and promised myself to not fall in that tourist trap (will I? Will I not?).

Using the hashtag #cuzco, I also found a few restaurants I am looking forward to trying. I got their addresses by commenting on the photo of one yummy-looking soup (thank you Leah @travelling_fit!). The restaurant in question is called Mr. Soup and seems to propose a bunch of delicious and healthy ramen. Will update you on that.

If I forgot something, now would be a really good moment to let me know guys.

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